Susan Wojcicki 沒有那些瘋狂的影片內容,但她是個在YouTube上的明星。她是知名影片分享網站YoutubeCEO,同時也是一個邊管理這數百億的科技公司並一邊準備迎接第五個孩子的孕婦。

Susan Wojcicki is a YouTube star without ever appearing in any crazy, viral online clips. She’s the CEO of the popular video-sharing site and she’s also an expectant mom, preparing to give birth to her fifth child while running the multi-billion dollar tech company.1D274907369105-today-shriver-wojiciki-141204-05.blocks_desktop_medium (1)

Wojcicki目前46歲,懷有八個月的身孕。她認為身為一個職業母親對她自己與她的家庭都是好事。在NBC的專訪中,她在位於舊金山外圍的YouTube總部裡像記者的Maria Shriver這麼說你的孩子會在你的職業工作中學到些什麼,而你也從孩子那得到些什麼工作的東西。走到人生的這一步是從16年前,她與先生將車庫租給兩個年輕的電腦科學家,Sergey Brin Larry Page,這兩位後來創立了GoogleWojcicki因此成為他們公司地16位員工,也是第一個懷孕的。而在今年二月起,Wojcicki成了YouTubeCEO  

Wojcicki, 46, who is eight months pregnant, believes being a working mom benefits both her and her family. “Your kids get something from your career and your career will get something from your kids,” she said in an exclusive interview with NBC’s Maria Shriver at YouTube's headquarters outside San Francisco. It's been quite a journey to the top that began 16 years ago when Wojcicki and her husband rented their garage to two young computer scientists: Sergey Brin and Larry Page, who went on to found Google. Wojcicki became their 16th employee and the first one to get pregnant. She became the CEO of YouTube in February.



1. 她每天晚上都回家吃晚餐。 


Here are seven things to know about this pioneering woman in tech: 1. She’s home every night for dinner Crazy hours are the norm for many CEOs, especially in Silicon Valley, but Wojcicki tries to go home at 6 p.m. every night to be a part of the family meal. “I try, because I found that if I'm home for dinner, I can get the scoop from my kids on the day. After my kids go to bed, I check email. It's about having that balance,” she told Shriver on TODAY. 


2. 她認為做一個媽媽使得她在工作上能表現得更好。


2. She believes being a mom makes her better at her job Needing to be home actually helps Wojcicki to be a more effective CEO because it forces her to prioritize and focus on things that have the biggest impact on her company, she noted. “I want people to realize that it really is OK, that you can have a family. I don't feel like I'm a perfect mom, and then there are times at work where I feel like maybe I wasn't perfect here because of constraints on my time,” she said. “But having the sum of both of those things going on in my life makes me a better mom at the end of the day, and I think gives me really important perspectives in the workplace as well.”


3. 她的公司提供18週的全薪產假,但她對於這第五個寶寶她還不確定她會請多久的假。Wojcicki很多人都會問我要請多久假,但我就是不想給定一個日期,因為我覺得要是真到了定的那一天,我卻覺得我還需要在一個星期或兩個星期的假呢?” 

3. Her company offers 18 weeks paid maternity leave, but she’s not sure how long she will take with baby No. 5 “Lots of people are asking me how long I'm going take off, and I don't want to give a specific date because I think well, what happens if I get to that date and then I feel like I need an extra week or I need an extra two weeks?” Wojcicki said.


4. 她給年輕女人的建議:不要過度計畫你的人生。 


4. Her advice to young women: Don’t overplan your life Not every life move, like a great job opportunity, will happen exactly when you want it to, Wojcicki noted. “Joining Google when I was four months pregnant was a bit of a leap, but sometimes you have to do the right thing for you right now,” she told Glamour magazine.


5. 她給職場媽媽的建議:事情會越來越簡單的。


5. Her advice to working moms: It gets easier

Women who worry about balancing family and career should remember that “the really hectic period” of having a child is fairly brief, she advised. "Having a child is a big life change but… you can get through it,” Wojcicki told Glamour.


6. 她的媽媽與小孩都十分支持她的工作。

她說"我媽媽是個高中老師,所以每當我自己PO了一個影片,她就會告訴我說:'喔對了,我學生喜歡你們今天網站上PO的影片'。或是'喔,我學生不喜歡你們今天PO的影片。' 她的小孩有時候看到好笑的影片也會告訴她,"我小孩會跟我說'媽我有看到一個影片,你一定要看看那影片。'"

6. Her mom supports her work, so do her kids

“My mom is a high school teacher, so she would tell me, 'Oh, the students liked the video you posted today. Oh, the students didn't like the video that you posted today.' As though I, personally, posted a video!" she told Fast Company. Her children also alert her to fun clips. "My kids will say, 'Oh mom there's this video I saw, I really think you should know about it,'" Wojcicki told TODAY.


7. 只有一開始,會有人問她在懷孕後會不會辭職

Wojcicki覺得好險當她懷第二個小孩的時候,她事業非常成功也非常忙碌,她並沒有選擇放棄。雖然當時許多同事都認定她一定會辭職。"我不會說這是件容易的事情,但我信定決心要做到因為我對Google的未來發展有信心。當你還在工作的初階曾度又懷孕,總會有人問你會不會辭職。但現在沒人問我這問題了。"她在與USA TODAY受訪時如此說到。

7.  People asked if she would quit when she got pregnant — at first

Wojcicki is glad she didn’t give up her very successful and demanding career when she had her second child – though many colleagues around her assumed she would. “I won't say it was easy, but I decided I'd make it work because I really believed in Google's potential. When you're a junior-level woman and get pregnant, people always ask if you'll quit. But no one asks me that now,” she told USA Today. 




有時候會思考,是這社會的文化造成,或是女人有時習慣自我侷限,就只因為社會告訴你工作與家庭很難兼顧。順便推薦大家可以看看FB營運長Sheryl Sandberg的書挺身而進(Lean In),非常值得一看喔!




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